Conservatism Can Never Fail, It Can Only Be Failed

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shorter Verbatim Byron York: "Republicans have again found their voice on fiscal discipline. And some of them wish they had been more outspoken when a president of their own party was in the White House." Yeah, amazing how that works, just like with Reagan! At least more Democrats seem to see through the bait-and-switch this time.

Leaving aside the obvious point that actually existing conservatism is both statist and has no particular interest in "fiscal discipline" when actually governing, note one major set of Bush policies that York manages to leave out of his summary of policies conservatives liked: Bush's massive upper-class tax cuts. Which conservatives supported and continued to support with full knowledge that 1)there was no chance of a significant cut in middle-class entitlements, and 2)there would be a massive increase in defense spending that would vastly exceed any trivial savings from "pork-busting." When you support tax cuts and spending increases, you don't support "fiscal discipline," end of story. In in this respect, Bush's policies weren't antithetical to American conservatives; they embodied American conservatism.

...Whoops, Cole beat me to it.


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