Everything Would Be Great if Everyone in the World Was Just Like Me!

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I don't really have to say anything about Michael Gerson's column (ht -- I guess -- to Atrios), because Kay Steiger pre-emptively gave the definitive response while discussing another recent WaPo article:

Honestly, I think we should stop worrying about when people get married. Or if they get married. Rather than trying to figure out what the "best age" for heterosexual couples to get married is, perhaps she could have thought about a real issue for a change.
It's not just the age of marriage, of course -- this whole genre of trying to identify the one correct way of being in a relationship (which, as in this case, almost always means "everyone should share my values and priorities whether they like it or not") or identifying how all "men" and "women" think or whatever is just irredeemably stupid and pernicious.


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