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>> Thursday, October 01, 2009

Displaying all the research and analytical skills that have made him a favorite at LGM and elsewhere, Bob Owens argues that John L. Perry -- a regular columnist and former senior editor at NewsMax -- is somehow a man of "the left." When pushed by a commenter on the question of Perry's actual ideological allegiances, Owens simply throws his hands in the air and forgets how to use the Googles:

I don't claim to know the first thing about Mr. Perry. I can only relate what he states in his own bio, where he was very active in state and national politics as a Democrat for much of his adult life in politics, and also belonged to a left wing think tank. I don't doubt that people can change, I just don't see any solid evidence that he has radically shifted, simply because he strongly opposes President Obama's continuing series of gaffes and missteps.
Um. Yeah. About that:
Despite the best efforts of the Eastern elitist press to ignore [Alan] Keyes into oblivion, Iowans have begun to take him seriously. He's coming up fast there and elsewhere in America.

Here is the one candidate who stands for unadulterated, 200-proof Republican policies.

The man might as well have been one of the Founding Fathers, he's such a throwback from Clintonism and the dogma that government is all-wise, all-powerful and the latest drug of choice.
And so on:
Withdrawing [Harriet Miers'] nomination to the Supreme Court, or accepting her withdrawal of it, would be the worst possible thing the president could do – for his political party, for himself, for the country.

Does anyone in a right mind think for one moment that if Bush tosses her overboard it would satisfy the sharks? All that would do is chum the water with her (and his) blood, and the insatiable sharks of both parties would leap voraciously into the boat with glee – and the whole country would go under.
It's funny because it's true!

As an added bonus, Perry's thoughts about a military coup against the Twelfth Imam President Obama give Owens the opportunity to remind his readers once again about the Wilmington insurrection of 1898, when armed herrenvolkers over threw the fusionist government of North Carolina, replacing it with a Jim Crow regime to thwart the spread of "Negro Domination." For some reason, Owens has always believed* that the events in Wilmington -- because they were executed by white supremacist Democrats -- should inspire some sort of enduring shame among contemporary liberals. Which is the sort of thing I suppose you'd have to believe if you also think that holding a pseudonymous torch for the Old South makes you a sincere Friend of the Black Man.

* The linked thread is a true masterwork in the Confederate Yankee oeuvre, including such gems as Owens' claims that the Democratic Party is more than 300 years old and that Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond were the only Dixiecrats who ever migrated to the GOP. The conversation also features snark from all three of the LGM OG, as well as the obligatory thread-closure when Owens realizes that he could be out buggering his pigs again instead of arguing with people who, like, know stuff.


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