Canadian Popular Song: Sublime And Ridiculous

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

I saw Leonard Cohen on Friday; more later, although my bottom-line reaction would be to say that it exceeded even the very high expectations established by the consensus of previous attendees. When entering the concert, however, we were initially -- once for the devil -- in the line for the concert at the Bankrupt Banskter theater at MSG, where the "attraction" was...David Foster and friends. For people who haven't heard of him, let's just say that he's produced so much unlistenable dreck (with, to be fair, some career nadirs for once-gifted artists sprinkled into the mix) that as we speak Slate has commissioned Jonah Weiner to write an article about how he should be considered the equal of Jerry Wexler. And research indicates that his show lives down to expectations: 1)Of the many artistes Phillip Bailey would seem to be by far the most talented one, and 2)two words: Peter Cetera.


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