Dan Riehl had quite the day.

>> Friday, October 09, 2009

It began with poorly-punctuated outrage:

Are you frickin' kidding me? What a stupid joke. What a worthless award. Video of the announcement here. They put weight on his WORK? For Nuclear Weapons? All he has done is TALK! This is total BS!

Shortly thereafter, the much-hated, reflexively-maligned MSM contacted him, and in his excitement, the source his hatred of it—jealously unbecoming of a toddler—because obvious:
I'll be on the BBC TV network discussing the award with some folks from around the globe. I believe it's 11:30 AM our time via World Have Your Say. Then, I believe I'll be staying on for a live radio show an hour later. If it works out, this should be a fun day given the headline that attracted them. NO FREAKIN' WAY!!
When he learned from the producer that he would be sharing the mike "with some folks from around the globe," he
launched into American exceptional-ism, suggesting most of us probably couldn't care less what the world thinks. I can hardly wait to share those views with some good folks from around the world! heh!
I'm not sure what he means by "launched," nor why that hyphen's there, but I do know this: he accepted an invitation to speak on behalf of Americans to the world and decided to use this opportunity to breathe life into the caricature of American conservatism whose defeat in the 2008 election prompted the Nobel committee to honor Obama in the first place. Moreover, he decided to do this without a wink of irony, meaning he did not give them what they wanted knowingly but without realizing that he was being played.

He is, in short, the obnoxious kid from down the block who would ask what you and your friends were playing and no matter what you were actually doing, you would always answer, "Hide and go seek." After he took off and hid, you and yours would resume whatever it was he interrupted, while he would spend the rest of the afternoon in a tree stump glowing with yet another confirmation that no one could hide better than him.

Only now he has a blog and shares his daily humiliation with the world. Speaking of which:
Listening to the full hour, if it's an indicator of how much of the world feels, is not real fun. But I would encourage you to listen to it all if you have the time. Most, but not all, sound like mouthpieces for the American Left. I'll find the TV show, as well. I was so tired of the Bush bashing from that, I spoke out more on that during the radio show. I doubt the slice of the world that heard me today that doesn't like Bush likes me very much now, either. To which I say, ask me if I care.
If conservatives learned nothing else today, it was that the rest world disagrees with them on issues of policy and matters of principles, so you would assume that interacting with it might "not [be] real fun." Because when the real world collides with the Riehl World, it is never real fun ... unless you happen not to be Dan Riehl, in which case, it really, really is.


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