Donnie Moore Avenged!

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dave Henderson's home run in game six of the 1986 ALCS almost killed me; since that time I have managed to muster no more than grudging support for the Red Sox, even against the Yankees. Even though I left the Angels behind a long time ago (couldn't hack either the Disney or the dumping of "California" from the name), I take a certain joy in this outcome. I also hope that the Angels beat the Yankees and then beat down the Dodgers in the World Series; a week ago Leno had Torre on his show and asked "is there a team you'd like to play in the World Series?" Apparently oblivious to the fact that the Dodgers have been substantially outperformed by the Angels this decade, Torre blithely answered "It's the only way I'll get to the new Yankee Stadium." God, I hate the Dodgers, and Jay Leno, and the Yankees, and the Red Sox....


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