My Inalienable Right To Invest In An NFL Team Is Also Being Violated As I Speak!

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shorter Andy McCarthy: "In a genuinely post-racial America, someone who compared NFL players with gang members would be allowed to invest in the league without controversy. And, yes, I do actually believe that NFL owners are primarily concerned with what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson think."

There's too much comedy gold generated by the subject to deal with it all, but my personal favorite has to be Ed Driscoll claiming there's a double standard involved, because the league is allowing Fergie to invest, and she's a total slut! I mean having more sex with people other than Ed Driscoll than Ed Driscoll deems appropriate is way worse than racism! And at a White House event, she once -- cover your ears and hide the children! -- totally used the word "ass"! OK, she didn't actually use the word, but you could tell she wanted to!

...Adam has more.


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