NORKs Ditch Communism, Adopt Monarchy?

>> Thursday, October 01, 2009

Well, this is something:

North Korea has revised its constitution to give even more power to leader Kim Jong-il, ditch communism and elevate his "military first" ideology, South Korea's Unification Ministry said Monday.

Though there is little doubt over the 67-year-old Kim's power, secured by his role as chairman of the National Defense Commission, the new constitution removes any risk of ambiguity.

"The chairman is the highest general of the entire military and commands the entire country," according to a text of the constitution enacted by the reclusive North in April and only now released by the South Korean government.

The chairman is now the country's "supreme leader." Though the position had become the seat of power under Kim, the previous constitution in 1998 simply said the chairman oversees matters of state....

It was also then that word reached outside the secretive state that Kim appeared to have picked his third son as successor to the world's first communist dynasty, whose rule is underpinned by a personality cult.

But the Unification Ministry said the new charter removes all reference to communism, the guiding ideology when Kim's father Kim Il-sung founded North Korea -- of which since his death in 1994 he has been eternal president.

Often in its place is "songun," the policy of placing the military first and which has been Kim junior's ruling principle.

Korea, of course, lacks the "Spiritual" trait, meaning that it should experience some anarchy when changing Civics. I guess Kim Jong-Il must have stolen the Cristo Redentor when somebody wasn't looking...

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