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>> Friday, October 02, 2009

Mike Potemra clearly wasn't paying attention for a few years there...

Looking at the festival of Olympischenfreude on Drudge and elsewhere, I have to ask what this episode tells us about Obama’s character. Because the fix was clearly not in, we know that Obama went on a very public, very high-profile mission without any assurance of success, and with a possibility of the exact kind of humiliation his political opponents are enjoying so immensely today. But he went anyway. This says to me, Wow, what a secure guy. “I’ll try to make the three-pointer; if I miss, no big whoop, I’ll still be cool.” But here’s the thing: When George W. Bush had exactly the same sort of security — this sense of being comfortable in his own skin, with his views and intuitions — didn’t millions of the anti-Bush folks use it as dispositive evidence that the man was a) arrogant and b) delusional?
Yes. Yes. Yes they did.

This has been another edition of simple links as simple answers to simple questions.


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