Sometimes it's hard to be a Redskin

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joe Posnanski points out the rather amazing statistical quirk that Washington's NFL franchise won't play a team that will have won a game until the seventh week of the season (their opponents will have been a combined 0-14 up until then).

He also has some interesting thoughts on how strange it is that what's by far the most offensive nickname for any major sports team in the USA belongs to the nation's capital's favorite franchise. (Of course when Washington's NBA franchise changed their name from the unfortunate moniker "Bullets" they actually managed to come up with something worse. This would be difficult to achieve with "Redskins.")

Also, Todd Collins, now in his second year of a three year nine million dollar extension, during which he has yet to take a snap in a game, is still teh awesome.


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