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>> Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shorter William Jacobson:

It will be a national shame if the press corps fails to devote significant attention to a half-literate blogger's credulous airport encounter with Bill Ayers.
Get a grip. We're still waiting to find out what happened to Rodrigo Villalopez, Bill Ferguson, and Curtis "Pookie" Jackson. The Bill Ayers thing can wait for now. Or perhaps Sammy Korir from the African Press International will pick up the story...

...UPDATE [By SL]: In addition, I note that reasonable, moderate, thinking man's birther Tom Maguire also believes that this should be given Very Serious Consideration. A fine effort, although it's not quite as funny as his concern trolling about the potentially grave consequences of punking Orly Taitz...

...and the foremost conservative intellectual of our age is on board!


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