Trust. But, As Long As It's A GOP Talking Point, Don't Verify.

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm sure a lot of our students are hoping that we'll adopt Fred Hiatt's rigorous standards for assessing the veracity of claims* published in his op-ed pages:

Me: I always like to see a groundbreaking thesis in an American politics research paper, but your claim that Dwight Eisenhower was assassinated by the John Birch Society and secretly replaced with an innovative robotic model to finish out his term in office isn't really sourced. What's your evidence?

Student: I conducted research.

Me: What kind? Where?

Student: You know, research. From the library. Plus, a fellow student is writing a paper arguing that my thesis is unfounded.

ME: OK Then. A+!

*Note: Methods may not be available to non-Republicans



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