Kathryn Jean Lopez, Editor Extraordinaire!

>> Monday, November 16, 2009

When you read something like this:

From a $50 NRO Contributor [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Great job NRO. Your holding down the fort until the conservative movement gets its act together.

Contribute to NRO here.

11/16 03:30 PM
It pays to remember that Kathryn Jean Lopez "has been ... praised for her 'editorial daring.'" That sentence slipped through multiple layers of possible editorial intervention, and the person who wrote it (and likely forwarded the link to that post to his or her friends and relatives) is now wincing with embarrassment at the error and wondering why an editor of Lopez's (self-professed) awesomeness couldn't be bothered to make a silent correction. After all, an editor of her talent surely noticed the mistake, but decided to post the email anyway in a deliberate attempt to embarrass its author. He or she must be so happy they paid $50 for the privilege of a public humiliation. I know I'd be.


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