Andrew Breitbart is clearly very comfortable with his sexuality.

>> Tuesday, December 08, 2009

As demonstrated by his Twitter feed:

Doh! MEDIAMUTTERS falls into trap while defending fisting-happy Obama 'Safe Schools Czar': @mmfa EARACHE BOEHLERT? You don't find something stinky about this Obama Safe Sex Czar 'Fisting for Teens' story? @mmfa John Podesta, as puppetmaster of left, will you get your hands around FistGate & get to bottom of it: @mmfa

MEDIAMUTTERS: Lets co-join our exploratory bodies & get 2 bottom of 'Fist4Teens' so we can get behind this mess.

MEDIAMUTTERS & EARACHE BOEHLERT are just brown with envy that we keep getting scoop after scoop! @mmfa


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