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>> Friday, December 18, 2009

LGM is proud to announce the 2009 nominees for First Annual Mikey Kaus Award For Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence in Contrarianism:

  • Jonah Weiner: Creed may be the greatest American rock band since Limp Bizkit (alas, Nickelback, being Canadian, don't count.) I think you can understand why I think music criticism is a waste of time.
  • Armond White: Bandslam is one of the great achievements of American cinema.
  • Robert Harris: A rapist's family members should have veto power over whether said rapist is subject to legal sanctions.
  • Lucinda Rosenfeld: If you expect your friends to not leave you unconscious in a gutter and then perhaps offer to pick you up from the hospital after you've been slipped a roofie, you need to lower your standards.
  • Levitt and Dubner: Passim. [See also.]

This year's lifetime achievement awards:

Further nominations are what comments are for...

*I'll admit that this probably crosses the arbitrary line where "contrarianism" just becomes straightforward "whoring for your powerful friends." But I'm leaving it in because anything-for-a-buck and sucking up to powerful interests are generally integral to Slate-style contrarianism...


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