>> Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thers has a more extended rant on the subject, but this is rich:

Republican senators feel burned by Al Franken — and not by his old jokes.

The Republicans are steamed at Franken because partisans on the left are using a measure he sponsored to paint them as rapist sympathizers — and because Franken isn’t doing much to stop them.
The band of Republican crybabies includes John Cornyn, whom you might remember was one of the people willing to stall Eric Holder's confirmation hearings because the prospective attorney general didn't promise to excuse Bush-era torturers from prosecution. So John Cornyn appears not only to be perfectly fine with torture in the service of boneheaded military adventures, but he also seems to believe that it's Al Franken's job to troll the blogosphere and defend him from accusations that he's perfectly fine with torture and rape in the service of boneheaded military adventures. No word yet on whether Franken is supposed to ask us to stop referring to his friends as "box turtles".


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