Wait, Acorn Did Not Commit Voting Fraud?

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

You're kidding, right? At least that's the line by the reasonable representative from Iowa, Steve King (R). After weighing his complete lack of evidence to the contrary, he finds this report "unconvincing". Instead, he goes with his well honed imagination:

“This report doesn’t begin to cover the transgressions of Acorn,” Mr. King said.
Admittedly, the authors of the report were likely unable to interview the voices in King's head, so he does have a point.
“I think Acorn is bigger than Watergate.”
To which all I can think is that I'd like some of that eggnog he is drinking, but I have to drive back down to Oregon from Kitsap County today.

Of course, maybe with that eggnog and King's imagination, my car might be sprinkled with fairy dust, sprout wings, and we could fly down to Oregon . . . because it must be powerful stuff, seeing as how King has voted in favor of Acorn projects early and often.

Life's ironies can be delicious.

As an aside, it appears that Congressional legislation cutting off Acorn is vulnerable to a constitutional critique as a bill of attainder. I'd search to see if Scott or Paul have picked up on this, but I can see the wings unfurling from my car as I type . . .


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