Is Rock Band Stifling My Musical Creativity?

>> Friday, January 08, 2010

Attackerman on David Hadju's rant against Rock Band:

Oh my God, you stupid motherfucker, shut your idiot mouth. Not a single person who has ever played Rock Band has for a moment ever considered it a replacement for the creation of rock and roll. There is no attempt at this piece to even corrollate the rise of RB & GH with a decline in rock production. You couldn’t find one if you tried! Hajdu is just… inventing a problem. Under the mask of pretending to care about not burdening the youth with the musical tastes of their parents he ends up saying Goddamn kids and their video games! Wipe that filthy look of sheer joy off your face, junior!

I hate to disagree with Ackerman and agree with a TNR wanker, but frankly I've noticed a troubling trend lately. Instead of playing air guitar when a favorite song pops into the mix, I've now begun to play air Rock Band guitar. If I understand my Baudrillard correctly (and I don't), this means that objective reality is threatened with imminent destruction.


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