Five Things I Learned at ISA

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Apologies for the long absence during my foray to the wireless-dead-zone of the New Orleans Riverside Hilton. Brainier post-ISA posts to arrive as soon as I’ve settled back in with the kids and dealt with those angry students in my class who believe good grammar is only important in English classes.

But meantime, here are a smattering of "insights" from the ISA conference:

1) Academic conferences get a great deal more fun as you get closer to having tenure.

2) It is very hard to find good vegetarian food in New Orleans. Even harder to find good vegetarian food service.

3) The International Studies Association is a very, very white organization. Nobody talks much about this. They do like to talk about how male and how heterosexual it is.

4) If in an effort to out-geek your geek friends you plan to show up to a panel on science fiction and world politics in full Colonial dress, beware of purchasing costumes on the Internet and having them shipped to your hotel - or at least, be prepared to improvise. (Lesson learned. Lt. Starbuck would never wear skin-tight leather pants and high-heels...)

5) Joseph Nye likes my "Blog Wars" video. Snap.


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