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>> Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm not sure what's going in Queens. A student unleashes Graffiti of Mass Destruction and isn't even strip-searched before being handcuffed and detained? No waterboarding? Why, before you know it she might try to smuggle an Advil into school! Clearly, there's just no discipline these days.

Update [PC]: This week's Roman Polanski Award for Inappropriate Sexualizing of 12-Year-Old Girls goes to Professor Ann Althouse:

She's an especially cute girl, willing to pose with her wrists together in the handcuff position. I'm sure some readers appreciate the entertainment on that level. Do we know the whole story of why she was arrested and why handcuffs were deemed necessary?

I dunno, maybe she was asking for it?

Amanda Marcotte notes in the comments to the post Scott links that "it’s more than a little disturbing that Althouse’s need to compete with every woman in sight in the great game of fuckability takes her to the point of lashing out at a 12-year-old who is seen as 'cute'".

UPDATE[SL]: People are being too hard on Althouse's reflexive authoritarianism. Have you considered the possibility that the student had to be handcuffed because otherwise she would be sending hand signals to Al Qaeda? Or perhaps Althouse is just angling for an appointment to 9CA? Fortunately, a further good should come out of this; the next time an elementary school student writes innocuous graffiti on a desk, school officials really will have no choice but to shoot her.


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