Amazon's loss is your gain; also, Chris Muir is a thief

>> Sunday, March 07, 2010

For those of you who don't frequent comic blogs but do read comics, you might like to know that Amazon suddenly decided to start selling Marvel's glossy, hard-bound, phone book-sized omnibus editions for $8.24. Click here to go a conveniently pre-sorted list of severely discounted titles and buy some before Amazon stops honoring orders on $99 books currently priced at less than a tenth of that. (I realize this reads like an ad, but think of it as a PSA: you know you want 1,064 shiny pages of this at $8.24, so don't try to pretend otherwise.)

Update: To assuage my guilty anti-consumerist conscience, let me add another item to Rich Johnson's swipe file:

The image on the left is a promotional poster for the new Tim Burton film; the one on the right comes from Chris Muir's latest Day by Day, in which he tries to prove that not only is he a thief, he's an incompetent one. He could claim that such tracery legitimately qualifies as satire, and therefore isn't actually plagiarism, but that wouldn't change the fact that his only real "talent" is for breaking backs and showing crack.

Update 2: It was fun while it lasted. Please feel free to continue to mock Muir, though.


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