"God created the death penalty, not man, and He also decided what crimes deserved it."

>> Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Someone ought to remind mainstream conservatives that the Jason "Molotov" Mitchell responsible for "O.T.P. (One Term President)" is the same guy who produced and starred in this video last month:

You know, for the record.

Also for the record: WOLVERINE! have better flow than the Young Cons, but as Ackerman notes, they also clearly write from the fringe, as their song
repeatedly addresses the first black president as “boy”; has a lyric in which a rapper imagining herself as a soldier in Iraq declares herself “sick of smelling like a mosque after Ramadan”; and then features a birther talking about how Obama isn’t an American.
But I'm sure the fact that mainstream conservatives are attracted to the increasingly bizarre elements of their movement has nothing to do with the rhetoric they use.


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