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>> Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm sure most of you have heard that some variation of the argument that ending even state-sponsored bigotry against gays and lesbians is wrong because it would violate certain unspecified "religious rights." But when you do it with the stupidly as Tony Perkins does for CNN, you've provided a definitive example. The basic argument is that ending bigotry might create some discomfort for people who want to continue expressing bigotry, and the latter is much more important than the former. I especially enjoyed this bit:

As an ordained minister and a Marine Corps veteran, I was invited to speak at a prayer event at Andrews Air Force Base earlier this year. I had every intention of delivering a spiritual message, not a political one.

But the invitation was withdrawn after I criticized President Barack Obama’s call to open the military to homosexuality in his State of the Union address. The base chaplain told me they had received some complaints - about a dozen. I pointed out that orchestrating a handful of calls was a simple task for homosexual activist groups.

If I was blacklisted merely for supporting existing law, what will happen to those who oppose the new, politically correct law?

We cannot have freedom and equality, and must support qualified people being fired by the military during the war for irrelevant factors, because is might violate the inalienable right of hateful assholes to be invited to speak at prayer events. I'm convinced!


Jay C,  8:29 PM  

Poor Perkins - so cruelly denied his "rights" after shooting his mouth off in public! What a pity that he will now be forced to have to exploit his horrific "persecution" into a PR blitz for tons of money from the "faithful"!

But stuff like this is only the start, I'm thinking: the "gays in the military" [non]issue has the potential to be the next "Pro-Life Amendment" hot-button issue for the jump-for-Jesus crowd: a tried-and-true way to rile up the rubes and get them to open their wallets; but with the added bonus that it won;t ever actually be enacted.

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