Traffic Accidents and Human Security

>> Wednesday, June 09, 2010

As part of my research project on what does and doesn't count as a "human security" problem in the minds of practitioners, I've collected quite a few ideas about "neglected" human security issues that should get more attention.

Among there are traffic accidents - something we tend to tolerate as a fact of modern life but which kill far more people daily than terrorism, war, or crime and are in fact the number of health risk for individuals age 1-34: - one death every 13 minutes on average (as many dead per month as died on 9/11) with young children twice as likely as adults to be victims.

So I'm happy to call readers' attention to the NYTimes' latest "Room for Debate." There is a lot of interesting commentary, and in particular I am now aware of Tom Vanderbilt's blog, which is worth a look.


Matt 3:05 PM  

something we tend to tolerate as a fact of modern life but which kill far more people daily than terrorism, war, or crime

There's a pretty obvious and even rational reason for this, though, isn't there? Given that, I don't really like this sort of comparison. As for the NY Times piece, I have to say that I was a bit sorry that Kip Viscusi didn't argue that we should make cars less safe so that people are more likely to die instantly if they are in an accident, as that would cut both short-term and long-term health costs. It would be just like his argument in favor of smoking taken to the next level!

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Bob,  6:14 AM  

These traffic problems should be averted

Michelle Anderson 6:20 AM  

It is shockingly true that deaths caused from traffic related accidents are much more common than deaths related to war or crime. Though there are some laws established to ensure the safety in the road, there are still a lot of problems regarding traffic that can’t seem to be controlled. Drunk driving, for example, is still a very common thing all around the world. I really hope that they do something to address all these problems.

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