On the Surrendering to the Commies...

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do love this bit, from Michael Goldfarb:

The consequences of this action in Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine and in other countries that feel vulnerable to Russian power, will be disastrous. It is a major American retreat in the face of Russian bullying. And we will get absolutely nothing for it.

Wow, yeah; I mean, when the US was planning on building a missile defense shield in Poland, it like totally stopped the Russians from bullying their neighbors. And now that Ukraine realizes that we won't be building a system that can't protect from Russian missiles in a nearby country, they'll, like, totally give up or something. And as for the Poles, I only wish their were SOME way of conveying the idea that the US was committed to Polish territorial integrity.... some way.... some way...

I hope you'll also take note of the bait and switch. Five years ago, we desperately needed this missile shield to defend us from TEH SCARY IRANIANS, and it was soooo important that it was worth pissing off the Russians. Now, not a word about the Iranians; the whole POINT of the system is that it pisses off the Russians. Let's say that again; the US should spend bucketloads of money on a system with no strategic rationale beyond its own existence. For Goldfarb, the fact that the Russians don't like it is reason in and of itself to build the damn thing.

Call this reason #344366377 for why it's utterly insane to take seriously conservative protestations of "fiscal responsibility," and "big government waste."


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