Contrarianism Approaches Rock Bottom

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next week: Celine Dion is really a better singer than Billie Holiday -- ignore the "cognoscenti," just look at the sales figures!

...UPDATE [from davenoon]... Behold proof of Creed's rockitude one of the worst videos ever made, wherein God attacks a pondering Scott Stapp with a hail of meteors before driving him into a gigantic phallus; wherein a bell that DOESN'T FUCKING KILL SCOTT STAPP opens up a portal into some kind of septic tank; wherein Scott Stapp is purified by baptismal sewage.

...UPDATE THE SECOND [SL]: Getting further into Slate self-parody, note that his archives seem replete with examples of the same article applied to a different awful band (Limp Bizkit were really good! The Killers are good exactly because they're so emptily pompous! Thank God Coldplay are great again!) So if you're interested in cashing a Kaplan paycheck you may want to submit an article arguing for the misunderstood greatness of Starship or Matchbox 20...


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