Vaccination is a vicious conspiracy to distract Americans from the proven health benefits of patent medicines

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If you're not quite ready to punch the next committed vaccination skeptic you meet, this article will help you across the threshold. For your daily allowance of well-rewarded misanthropy, a brief wade through the comments will more than suffice. I hadn't realized that the anti-vaccination carolers had added squalene to their list of Chemicals of Omnipotent Toxicity, but I suppose it's still possible to learn something new every day.

By sheer coincidence, a a new report from the Illuminati, ODESSA and the Reverse Vampires World Health Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank details the current status of immunization across the globe. In plain language, it details the horrific future that awaits us all if we're unable to stem the vaccination menace:

By the 2020s, the strategies put in place to reach the [Millennium Development Goals] should have brought deaths among children under five years old to an all-time low. Polio should be eradicated, and measles eliminated in all countries. Neonatal and maternal tetanus should no longer be exerting such a heavy toll on babies and mothers, and today’s underused vaccines (against Hib disease, hepatitis B, and yellow fever) may have rid the world of the lethal burden of these diseases. The use of new vaccines against pneumococcal, rotavirus, meningococcal, and HPV disease may have inspired a new, more ambitious set of international health and development goals. Vaccines may have been developed that can turn the tide against malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS.
Truly awful.


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