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>> Friday, November 13, 2009

(...having missed Scott's post on this...)

Matthew Continetti's piece in today's WSJ is completely insane, but I'd hate to discourage him from believing that Sarah Palin can somehow turn herself into something other than a toxic joke on the Republican Party. The longer people like Continetti chase after Palin -- frantically shouting along the way, "It's just a little dirty! It's still good, it's still good! It's just a little slimy! It's still good! It's still good" -- the more satisfying life will be for the rest of us when GOP primary season begins.

That said, Continetti's reasons for optimism are bizarre. Citing Palin's abysmal (and worsening) public opinion data, he argues -- in all seriousness -- that she will somehow be able to reverse her low standing among independent voters by turning her book tour into a prolonged disquisition on the economic liabilities of the current administration. Given that Palin is a virtual lock to make absolutely no sense when trying explain economics (or much else for that matter) I eagerly hope Palin takes Continetti's advice. For some reason, Pro-Palin wingnuts appear convinced that her abdication of the governor's office -- a decision by which they seem strangely unperturbed -- has afforded her the time she needs to learn her alphabet and multiplication tables. They forget that her political and intellectual instincts are so poorly evolved that she's far more likely to continue her practice of making hilarious Bachmannite arguments about atheist coins, piled on top of her usual dystopian predictions about President Blacula's heath care policy.

And when she inevitably makes a fool of herself, she'll soon enough blame the media. In which case, she'll have to write a new book complaining about the mistreatment she received from the people who interviewed her about the book written in part to complain about the mistreatment she received from the people who interviewed her during the 2008 campaign. Which is just another way of noting that Sarah Palin's aggrieved ego represents an exemplary case of fractal geometry.


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