Predictions for 2010

>> Friday, January 01, 2010

Take it to the bank:

Number of seats Democrats gain/lose in House:
Number of seats Democrats gain/lose in Senate: -3
Barack Obama Job Approval 12/31/10 ( average): 51.1%
Coalition Military Fatalities in Afghanistan: 455
Coalition Military Fatalities in Iraq: 231
World Series Champion: New York Yankees
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Champion: Kentucky Wildcats
#1 pick, NBA draft: John Wall
US Unemployment Rate 12/10: 9.6%
North Korean nuclear tests: 1
Russian submarine accidents: 1
Returns to Earth of Jesus: 0
Israeli airstrikes on Iran: 0
Number of Iranian Revolutions: .5
2010 World Cup: Brazil
Post-election UK Tory MPs: 328
Number of US Senators from Kentucky named Rand: 0


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