Farce All The Way Down

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shorter Helicopter Harold Ford: It's outrageous that my opponent is trying to actually get the support of other party officials. I have never seen such underhanded tactics!

You probably, think I'm kidding about that, but I'm not. The response seems obvious:

Jefrey Pollock, a campaign adviser to Ms. Gillibrand, said the senator had worked hard to earn the backing of 56 county leaders, and suggested that Mr. Ford, a vice chairman at Merrill Lynch, had himself to blame for a lack of party officials’ support.

“Harold Ford wants to have it both ways,” Mr. Pollock said. “The Wall Street executive constantly insults many New York Democrats with name calling and then wonders why these same Democratic leaders are not willing to just hand over their support to him.”

Indeed, this line of argument is so dumb, even by Ford's standards, that one has to wonder if he's laying the groundwork to spend more time with Morning Joe and his well-compensated corporate sinecures his family. I continue to hope he runs; surely we can all use the comedy and the inevitable happy ending these days.


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