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>> Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A good way to spend Memorial Day is watching a movie that reminds you both how ugly war is for those involved in the fighting, and also the reasons why some things are important enough to fight for. Robin Hood hasn't received good reviews for cinematography or narrative. It's true the film is wanting - everything from the American accents to the tired battle scenes to the deplorable way that Lady Marian conducts herself at the beachhead.

But I still liked it. It's always good to see a version of Robin Hood in which Richard the Lionheart is portrayed as the butcher he was instead of a just, noble king whose only failure is his absence. Also, I'm a sucker for political narratives that can't be easily stuffed into conventional boxes.

Readers' thoughts?


Anonymous,  8:57 PM  

two things:

1. the "legend" of robin hood has, like the bible, undergone many permutations and combinations over the centuries. to complain that any one version doesn't square with the "classic" tale displays the author's ignorance, not the movie's weakness.


2. who the heck is "friar john"? one constant, in all the versions i'm familiar with, is friar tuck. if you're going to review a movie, especially to give a bad one, you should, at minimum, get the names of the principal characters correct.

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