Dumond This Isn't

>> Sunday, November 29, 2009

Given Huckabee's gruesome history on related matters, it's tempting to say that he deserves any demagoguery he's on the receiving end of because of this. But it would be wrong. As Matt says, on its face there's nothing unreasonable about granting clemency to a someone given 60 years for burglaries committed when he was 17. Evidently, if you grant parole and clemency (or, for that matter, give out finite sentences) to significant numbers of people some percentage will commit more crimes, but individual cases can't in themselves justify more draconian policies, and also don't mean that Huckabee's judgment at the time was wrong. Putting pressure on the the parole board to release a rapist because some wingers developed some quarter-witted Clinton conspiracy theories, on the other hand...

I also wonder if this might affect Kennedy's vote on the juvenille sentencing cases the court is considering.


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